Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer reading challenge

Are you up for a summer challenge?
Today two senior infant classes walked to the library to find out about this year's summer reading challenge.
It sounds really interesting.
We can register with our parents any time after July 1st, then all we need do is read 6 books from the library before the end of the summer. 
We will be given two stickers for the first 2 books read,
2 stickers and a bookmark for the second 2 books read,
2 stickers and a wristband for the last 2 books read
and if we finish reading all those 6 books we will be invited to a prize giving ceremony after the holidays are over.
The catch:  the stickers are smelly!! Phew!!
For more information visit our local Ballybane library or call them at:
Here are some lovely pictures of us enjoying our day at the library!

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